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Survivor Repatriation to Colombia Complete

Imagine yourself standing in one of the most lucrative disco tech clubs in Venezuela complete with an incredible sound system, light show, professional D.J., and every beverage you can imagine. Imagine stepping outside this club and having a variety of wonderful restaurants to eat at, a zoo down the street filled with wild exotic animals, baseball and soccer fields, a community pool, clothing stores, and gyms. The scene I have just described is inside the Tocorón prison, the Aragua state penitentiary in Venezuela. The 7,000 inmates within the prison walls are not controlled by law enforcement but rather a criminal prison gang known as Tren de Aragua. This violent gang has grown in recent years due to the ongoing socioeconomic and political crisis under the Maduro's presidential crime regime. The gang controls regions of the Venezuelan/Colombian border and selects certain young vulnerable women to manipulate or even kidnap into being sexually exploited in clubs, bars, restaurants, or on the streets. One of these unlucky girls was trafficked to Lima Peru and exploited on the streets for several months before Colombian and C.I.R.F. investigators located her and collaborated with the National Police of Peru in Lima to rescue her from the clutches of this gang. On 5/26/23 the survivor was repatriated from Lima Peru to her home city in Colombia. C.I.R.F. provided aftercare support and helped this victimized family open up a fast food stand in their neighborhood. Thank you for your support which made this mission possible. We continue to fight these evil networks and help these children recover.


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