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20 Filipino Women Aided

On January 11, CIRF CEO Mike Moore embarked on a trip to the Philippines in partnership with another NGO, Wipe Every Tear, headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Wipe Every Tear has been combating human trafficking for 12 years by conducting soft rescues of women exploited in bars and clubs in the Philippines.

Those women who choose to leave the bars and clubs are provided transportation to a safe house, where they encounter a clean environment, hot meals, camaraderie with other rescued women, and a place for worship, all contributing to newfound hope.

"I witnessed a remarkable team of men, guided by strong faith, willingly entering the darkest corners and delivering a message of healing and hope to exploited women in these establishments." -Mike Moore

The sexual exploitation of men and women constitutes an organized industry with devastating consequences. While CIRF primarily focuses its efforts in Central and South America, it remains committed to extending its resources wherever possible to facilitate positive life changes for the exploited.

"Whenever we can collaborate with other reputable organizations sharing our goals, we consider it a significant victory for the abused." - Mike Moore

The team initially convened with local staff in Manila, toured the safe house, interacted with survivors embracing a new life, and received a briefing on the week's agenda. The groundwork began weeks earlier as staff planned and orchestrated a banquet for women willing to attend.

On the first night in the bars and clubs of a coastal town, over 50 women accepted the banquet invitation. During the event, they enjoyed a catered meal, listened to the Gospel, and were offered the opportunity to visit the safe house, witnessing an alternative life path.

Subsequent nights were spent in the bars and clubs of Angeles City, home to 240 clubs and thousands of exploited women. Engaging with these women, the team conveyed messages of value and offered them a chance to break free from exploitation.

Around 20 women accepted the offer and journeyed to the safe house. At the trip's conclusion, the women from the safe house enjoyed a retreat at an island resort, engaging in relaxation, worship, prayer, and continued restoration.

On the final night at the resort, the men humbly washed the feet of each woman and crowned them with flowers. This act symbolized a shift from past abuse to an interaction reflecting humility, honor, and God's love, reinforcing their worth.

Upon departure, the men witnessed seven women being baptized in the Philippine Sea, a poignant culmination to their efforts.

We extend our deep gratitude to our donors whose generosity enables life-changing initiatives like these. There remains much work ahead.

"Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of evil." (Psalm 82:4)


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