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Trafficking Ring Interdicted by CIRF Operators

Just a few miles away from beautiful waterfall vistas near the canyons of Chicamocha National Park in the state of Santander Colombia, a few miles from the Venezuelan border, Detectives from the Metro Police of Bucaramanga began investigating a complaint of human trafficking where several minors were reportedly being sexually exploited and abused by leaders of a criminal organization jeopardizing the safety of children in the community. Operators from Children's International Rescue Foundation began working alongside detectives and military intelligence officers to infiltrate the organization and identify the bad actors and their victims. After months of evidence collection, a raid was conducted and the network was dismantled taking several members into custody and delivering children into the caring hands of Aftercare professionals to begin the long road to recovery. One of the young girls being abused had been trafficked by the dangerous Venezuelan prison gang "Aragua Train" to Lima Peru where she was abused for profit by gang members for 3 months until she became pregnant at 14 years old. The gang had provided her an adult Venezuelan identification card which enabled this organization to continue abusing and exploiting her after she escaped back to Colombia and gave birth to her child. Additional vulnerable minors were recovered from this organization to receive care. One of the arrested members was identified as a transnational transporter of vulnerable children from the Venezuelan border to the brothel. This successful investigation would not have been possible without your financial gifts enabling Operators to travel to and from Colombia to assist our partners in the field, collecting critical evidence for prosecution against this despicable network.


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