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Trafficking Ring Dismantled, Ecuador

On the Ecuador coastal city of Manta, detectives from the National Investigation Unit Against Human Trafficking and Illicit Smuggling of Migrants began surveillance on a suspected human trafficking organization with support from the Children's International Rescue Foundation. The criminal organization was operating in the banking sector and had recruited several young women through force and fear to sexually exploit them to other criminals in the region. Some of the girls were being checked out of school then sedated by the traffickers before being taken to a nearby motel to be abused by clients. The detectives recognized one of the suspects involved as an ex-police officer. The criminal actors had provided the victims with falsified adult identification cards. One of the suspects is a fugitive with an Interpol warrant for his arrest. We are grateful for your support which enabled our team to help place 2 young women into the care and protection of Aftercare organizations to begin the process of recovery and remove this dangerous network from the community.


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