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Operation Chameleon, 1 arrest, 3 minors rescued. Guayaquil, Ecuador


The Ecuadorian National Police, in partnership with C.I.R.F, completed a child exploitation investigation, rescued 3 minors, and arrested the perpetrator. The rescues were a 14-year-old girl and her two little brothers whom authorities determined were also at risk because the female was being exploited. C.I.R.F has partnered with NewVida therapy in Guayaquil to provide immediate aftercare needs for the survivor including clothing, hygiene items, and medicine. The female has been moved to a girl's shelter in Guayaquil and the two little brothers are currently staying with one of the police officers until a permanent solution becomes available. We are grateful for the collaboration of several teams which came together to improve the lives of these children struggling under oppression. Thank you for your donations which made this rescue mission and aftercare provisions possible. Watch for updates on the aftercare of these rescues whom C.I.R.F. will continue to monitor to ensure a safe road to recovery.


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