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CSAM Ring Eliminated by CIRF, DIPRO, Spanish Nat. Police

A despicable organization of sex offenders coercing young children into homes and then creating child sex abuse material for sale online has been eliminated, thanks to your continued support. Children's International Rescue Foundation CIRF provided support to the Colombian National Police Division of Protection and Special Services to take down this CSAM network which resulted in the capture of 6 sex offenders creating child sex abuse material. 21 children were identified and rescued. The network operated in 6 major cities in Colombia with a connection to an offender in Spain. We are grateful for the cooperation of the Spanish National Police who were able to locate the man in the city of Zaragoza who had abused one of the children in Colombia and take him into custody as well. Our work is dangerous and costly, please help us continue to fight these evil networks by making a small donation.

Sensitive Information has been blurred for security reasons.


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