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C.I.R.F Operator Ambushed and Shot 4 times

Please keep one of CIRF's most dedicated operators, Seth Jahn, in your prayers. Shortly after Seth assisted us on an investigation in Colombia, he was ambushed and shot 4 times on a counter-human trafficking operation in the region. He suffered a collapsed lung after one of the bullets hit a rib and narrowly missed his heart. Despite the ambush, the mission was successful, and several girls were rescued. C.I.R.F. is immensely grateful for the amazing veterans we have had the privilege and honor to operate with, grieve with, celebrate with, and laugh with. May God bless you all and your unrelenting efforts to uncover evil and eradicate it. Strength from above my friends, keep up the good fight for the suffering children of the world.

Why would we reveal the identity of one of our operators? Seth went on National News and social media to share this experience with the world to help shed light on the trafficking problem and organizations that are making a difference on the front lines.


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