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C.I.R.F. Director networks with the C.A.R.E Organization for After Care in Latin America

C.I.R.F. Director of Operations and a fellow C.I.R.F. Operator had the opportunity to connect with the C.A.R.E organization in Phoenix Arizona. The mission of C.A.R.E. is to provide children a safe environment, free from abuse, neglect, poverty, hunger and illness by creating a strong and successful group of volunteers to help as many children as possible. No child should ever feel unwanted, unloved or even unvalued. Today too many children have to deal with hunger, dirty water, lack of proper clothing, unsafe living environments and much more. We at C.A.R.E. Organization (Children's Aid and Relief Efforts), help contribute to all children's needs around the world. With that being said, one person can’t help everyone, but everyone could help someone. Join forces with us and donate to make a difference.


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