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2 CSAM Web Studios Eliminated

The quantity of child sexual abuse material available online is a growing problem in large part due to the increased use of the internet by children. Unsupervised online activity by kids opens them up to opportunities for criminals to coerce them into making the material themselves unaware of its intended evil purposes. More and more children are online in chat rooms, gaming platforms, and social media where predators are lurking, and grooming subjects for videos and images. Children in vulnerable places like Venezuela who are fleeing the country from economic insecurity and other challenges are also at risk of being manipulated by organized crime groups into making child sexual abuse material. Such was the case for a young woman coerced at an illegal border crossing by a criminal group to work in a clandestine web cam studio in Cucuta Colombia. Vast stretches of the Colombian/Venezuelan border are controlled by transnational criminal groups like the ex-FARC mafia, the ELN, and gangs like Venezuela's prison gang Tren de Aragua or other local criminal operators. Much of the border is dense jungle, rugged mountainous terrain, or hazardous waterways making it extremely difficult for government security forces to regulate migrant flows. The mere geography of Colombia is enticing to crime groups with so many places to hide and cover their illegal operations. Colombia also borders 5 countries as the gateway to South America, an ideal hub for transnational groups. The Colombian National Police often rely on Children's International Rescue Foundation for logistical and investigative support in these difficult regions. On 9/21/23 CIRF assisted the Colombian National Police with Logistical Support to eliminate 2 Child Sexual Abuse Material Web Cam studios, 2 fraudulent document factories facilitating the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children, and 2 brothels sexually exploiting adults and children. We are grateful for your continued support which enable us to fight these evil networks profiting from hurting our children. Please consider making a small monthly donation to support this critical mission.


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