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Trafficker and Perpetrator Sent to Prison, Venezuelan Girl Freed.

Through careful investigation and collaboration with the Colombian National Police and utilizing your recently donated dollars, Children's International Rescue Foundation is proud to announce the incarceration of the two blurred subjects pictured here. Subject #2 traveled to Venezuela and deceived a 17-year-old girl to cross the border with him to Colombia with promises of legitimate employment. During the journey, he sexually exploited the minor and then sold her to Subject #1 in Medellin Colombia as a long-term sexual companion. The young woman is now in the care of Colombian aftercare organizations and the men are behind bars. Thank you for your generous donations making this transnational criminal investigation possible. We continue to aggressively pursue criminals preying on vulnerable Venezuelan women and children in the border regions. Our work is dangerous and costly, please help us continue our mission by making a small donation.

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