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Peruvian National News Release on C.I.R.F. Operation Fury

The Peruvian National News outlet Domingo al Día released a story on Operation Fury conducted by C.I.R.F. Operators, the Ecuador National Police, and Peruvian National Police working in cooperation to dismantle a criminal organization known as the "Quevedo Traffickers". Thank you for your donations making this child rescue possible.


“A 17-year-old female was kidnapped in Ecuador and transported to Peru for sexual exploitation by a dangerous gang dedicated to human trafficking known as the “Traffickers of Quevedo”.

On December 10 of last year, a woman filed a complaint for the kidnapping of her 17-year-old daughter after she was reportedly near her home when she was violently forced into a vehicle in the city of Quevedo, Ecuador.

The Ecuador National Police obtained information that she had been smuggled into Peru and was being sexually exploited on Zepita street, where dozens of prostitutes offer their services. Ecuador Detectives contacted the Peruvian Division Against Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants to assist in the investigation. They started surveillance on a frightened teenager standing on the street and observed her get into a car, which the agents followed into the district of Los Olivos. The police stopped the vehicle and arrested 4 members of a transnational criminal organization that recruited young women to sexually exploit them.

This is the small room containing remnants of the minors clothing, where they held her under threats of violence.

In one corner, a small Santeria altar, where they placed two human skulls, candles, beer bottles, and coins as offerings. The Detectives managed to rescue the teenager here, after having spent 40 days at the mercy of this gang. According to the police, she was even subjected to the consumption of various drugs such as marijuana and tusi.

These subjects had changed her name, creating a new identity for her, as seen in this document, she was Andrea Carolina Vergara Bravo, 23, of Ecuadorian nationality, but all of this was false.

The detainees were Ecuadorians, identified as Gustavo Roberto Sánchez Ortiz, Marco Javier Sánchez López, Oswaldo Nolberto Franco Obando and Livintom Bladimir Alvarado Heredia.

Roberto Sanchez Ortiz even posted a video on his Facebook where he is seen smoking, with a gun to his chest, a bottle of beer in his hand, and plenty of drugs.

In addition, when checking the cell phone of one of the detainees, the agents found conversations that would involve them in acts of assassination, apparently the same day of the intervention, they had been planning a murder.

This criminal organization had a history, on September 2 of last year, the investigation division against organized crime stopped these subjects for possession of a firearm in the district of San Martin de Porres.

The investigation is ongoing to determine what other criminal acts they have been involved in, and will help to discover an entire transnational network of human trafficking. The teenager is in a special protection unit receiving psychological support until she returns to her country to be with her family.”

The Ecuadorian Case Agent reached out to Children’s International Rescue Foundation for investigative support throughout this case. C.I.R.F. assisted in coordinating resources and gathering intelligence which ultimately led to the capture of these dangerous criminals and the minors rescue. We are grateful for your support and the cooperation of Ecuador and Peru to bring justice to these men and place the young woman on a pathway of hope and recovery.


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