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International Congress

Children's International Rescue Foundation (C.I.R.F.) was invited by the U.S. Homeland Security Investigations Transnational Criminal Investigation Unit (HSI TCIU) based in Bogota Colombia, and the Colombian National Police to participate at the 2023 International Congress for the protection of children in collaboration with representatives of 21 countries. One of our esteemed CIRF Operators gave a presentation on human trafficking investigations we have participated in with the Colombian National Police resulting in several arrests and rescued children. The Colombian National Police highlighted the importance of networking with non profit organizations like C.I.R.F. to enhance investigations for successful prosecutions. C.I.R.F. brings specialized investigators, equipment, and resources to the table adding value to international teams fighting human trafficking. Oftentimes it takes a network to fight a network when it comes to organized crime. Colombia harbors many sophisticated mafia style groups including the ex-FARC mafia and the ELN among other local trafficking operators and gangs. Colombia is a primary departure point for illegal drugs and is rich in mineral mines some of which are controlled by these powerful criminal organizations who also dip into the human trafficking space for additional profits. The cocaine trade has fragmented in recent years and additional crime groups are sprouting up taking advantage of arms trafficking, human smuggling, and human trafficking. Colombia has a strong legal framework to combat organized crime but lacks resources due to corruption at high levels of government. This is where non profit organizations like Children's International Rescue Foundation step in to fill the gap and assist law enforcement partners build and send investigations to prosecution providing a boost to police agencies to fight corruption, impunity, and organized crime in one blow.


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