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C.I.R.F. rescues children from the darkness of human trafficking and offers healing on a pathway of hope. We accomplish this mission by:


Gathering evidence in the field, under the direction of local prosecutors and law enforcement to secure arrest warrants against traffickers.

Providing immediate and long term aftercare needs for survivors such as clothing, shelter, medications, food, and therapy.


Training counter human trafficking units in case work management, surveillance, and open source intelligence gathering.


Providing financial assistance to counter trafficking units for investigative resources such as GPS vehicle trackers, covert cameras, and the payment of informants.

C.I.R.F. was founded by four experienced Law Enforcement/Military professionals who have extensive experience in Latin America, working closely with specialized National Police Units. Our operators are current or former Law Enforcement personnel in good standing and honorably discharged Veterans. Visit our news page to witness the impact we're making in children's lives.


Where we Serve


What Makes us Different

Unlike many awareness-focused organizations, C.I.R.F. operators actively work alongside specialized counter-trafficking units in partner countries. They ensure that donated funds are used effectively on the front lines, combating transnational criminal organizations. From urban centers to remote jungles, they conduct surveillance, engage with traffickers, assist victims and survivors, and provide in-person training to law enforcement. CIRF is run by dedicated volunteers and contractors, with no salaries paid to founders, board members, or directors.

We are proud to announce that C.I.R.F. has earned Candid's highest recognition - the Platinum Seal of Transparency. Candid is a trusted source of nonprofit information that assesses IRS-registered organizations. By achieving the Platinum Seal, C.I.R.F. has provided extensive qualitative and quantitative evidence of our goals, strategies, and impact on suffering children in Latin America. Explore Candid's audit of C.I.R.F. here:







We are driven by love and service to rescue children. Through close partnerships with police and prosecutors, we swiftly respond to evolving intelligence. Our efforts have brought about tangible change in communities threatened by transnational criminal organizations exploiting children. Every donation is treated as a sacred resource to bless the lives of children worldwide. Support our team and make a difference in a child's life.

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