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November 14, 2022

The Ecuadorian National Police in partnership with C.I.R.F completed a child exploitation investigation and rescued 3 minors and arrested the perpetrator. One of the 14 year old survivors is in an aftercare house beginning the road to recovery. C.I.R.F has partnered with NewVida therapy in Guayaquil to provide mental health care for the survivor. Thank you for your donations which made this rescue mission possible. 


Founder Alex Darelli Received the DIPRO 
Medal from the Colombian National Police for his undaunted efforts in the fight against human trafficking in Colombia. We are grateful to have his leadership as Director of International Development. 



We are pleased to announce the conclusion of a lengthy human trafficking investigation involving minors in Colombia. C.I.R.F, O.U.R., and the National Police rescued 10 minors ranging from ages 14-17 in the Montenegro region. In addition to the rescues, 3 properties, a hotel, and 2.4 million pesos were seized. Thank you for your donations to complete these operations.


Best case of the year, Colombia 2021 in parnership with Children's International Rescue Foundation


We were grateful for the invitation to participate at the Law Enforcement Training Academy and Human Trafficking Training Center and meet with professionals from 39 U.S. States involved in the good fight to protect our children. 


C.I.R.F. operators are skilled undercover investigators. They often receive a single phone number from a Detective to start digging into. Through creative investigative techniques and ploys the teams are able to discover various actors and their roles within transnational criminal organizations while simultaneously logging incriminating evidence linking them together to successfully dismantle the organization and rescue the kids. This was the case for Operation Liberty where 1 5  people were arrested  working together to exploit vulnerable children in Colombia. 20 children were rescued! Great job team!


Due to recent donations we were able to deliver much needed supplies to an aftercare house in Colombia in support of some of our rescued girls, thank you for your support. 

jeremy aftercare.PNG

C.I.R.F. Director of Operations Walt Bockholt and a fellow Operator had the opportunity to connect with the C.A.R.E organization in Phoenix Arizona. The mission of C.A.R.E.  is to provide children a safe environment, free from abuse, neglect, poverty, hunger and illness by creating a strong and successful group of volunteers to help as many children as possible. No child should ever feel unwanted, unloved or even unvalued. Today too many children have to deal with hunger, dirty water, lack of proper clothing, unsafe living environments and much more. We at C.A.R.E. Organization (Children's Aid and Relief Efforts), help contribute to all children's needs around the world. With that being said, one person can’t help everyone, but everyone could help someone. Join forces with us and donate to make a difference.



We are grateful for an invitation from Colonel Duque of the Colombian National Police to attend an International Congress in Bogota highlighting the fight against child sex trafficking in Colombia. We look forward to meeting with you soon and organizing another operation. 


Take a drone flight with us over Quito Ecuador and see Alpacas summiting a volcano

What does a take down look like after C.I.R.F. delivers evidence to the prosecutor? 

Operation Green Hill

Operation Green Hill 21.PNG

Operation Liberty

Operation Liberty 21_edited.jpg

Operation Ruby

Operation Ruby 21.PNG

Operation Freedom

Operation Freedom 21.PNG
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